Welcome Boys and Girls to my wonderful website,

I’m a student in the V.E.C. in Gort Co. Galway,

I’m studying media techniques in radio and production,

This website is being used to both showcase my work as

a DJ and to promote my radio shows,

You can listen to me live via the listen live page or if you have

missed me why not catch one of my podcast  or you can even

launch me a comment or request or two,

Well good luck and enjoy trawling around my website,



If you feel any of the content is belonging to you, I will take the proper action either removing , crediting you if needs be,

If you feel that the issue is not being resolved in the proper manner you can contact me directly via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or via the Soundquake Radio webpage and I will resolve the issue to the best of my ability whatever it may be.